Pero FUKUDA, Kenichi SAWAZAKI, Sangsun BAE
Images don‘t or do they?
Talk to each other

What communication do images allow us? When ears and mouths are shut and solely optical thinking corresponds to each other, what rises in the horizon? In “images don‘t or do they? talk to each other”, Pero FUKUDA, Kenichi SAWAZAKI and Sangsun BAE practices a trio Image Correspondence. One sends a photo to the other two, and the others reply in photos, and then the other two return another set of photos, imaging what the sender is trying to say with these photos and responding to it. Images accumulate, correspond, reverse and circle, constructing an image economy. The exhibition will be consisted of not only such pack of photos but the documentation of the process itself, it will be multi-modal and comprehensive. By asking to themselves, “do these images talk to each other or not?” and imaging with what picture would they have responded with, visitors become the fourth participant, opening a new dialogue.

Open : 11:00-17:00, September 17 – Octorber 17, 2021
Closed : Sun. Mon.
Venue:Tosei Kyoto Gallery
   SSS Bldg. 1F, 375 Ichinofunairicho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
Organizer : Living Montage
Special thanks : Pixel Engine Ltd., FABER

Pero FUKUDA is a multi-modal anthropologist, poet and artist. Currently a PhD candidate at Ritsumeikan University, fukuda have conducted field in UK, Rwanda and Japan. His outputs range from film, installation, photography, drawing, poetry, novel to academic writing, exploring the boundary between art and academia, blurring and questioning them, thriving to construct a different holistic form of knowledge. His recent works include; short film “Sitting, Gazing, Gazed” (2020), poetry collection “flowers like blue glass” (2018) and installation “yoyo” (“im/pulse” exhibition, Kyoto City University of Arts Art Gallery @KCUA, 2018). Winner of Experimental Film at the Manchester International Film Festival 2016, fukuda has been nominated for Forward Prize for Poetry 2020 and chosen as emerging poets 2020 by Gendaishitecho magazine.

Kenichi SAWAZAKI is a Japanese contemporary artist and a film director, and earned his PhD in Concept and Media Planning, Kyoto City University of Arts. Also, he is the representative director of Living Montage and he organises Living Montage, a platform for the interdisciplinary use of visual media. Working in collaboration with anthropologists and agronomists who carry out field research mainly in Asia and Africa, he produces films that document the activities of these researchers, not only their main research, but also the “margins” that are left out. One of his most recent works is the variable video work #manazashi (124 min, 2021) and the documentary film The Garden in Movement (85min, 2016) etc.

Sangsun BAE
Sangsun Bae is a Korean Artist living and working in Kyoto, Japan. A graduate of Musashino Art University, Tokyo, Sangsun studied for her Doctoral Thesis at Kyoto City University of the Arts, during which time she won a scholarship to study in London at the Royal College of Art. Twice selected for the prestigious VOCA art prise in Tokyo, Sangsun has shown internationally in NewYork, London and throughout Asia and is currently represented by COHJU Contemporary Art in Japan and Gallery Dam in Korea.

Images don‘t or do they? Talk to each other, Tosei Kyoto Gallery, 2021