The Open of the Eyes

 The new film The Open of the Eyes by Kenichi Sawasaki, the director of the film The Garden in Movement, is a documentary film that documents various human activities in Africa and Southeast Asia, where researchers Ueru Tanaka (Environmental Agriculture, Soil Science, Regional Development Theory) and Takao Shimizu (Cultural Anthropology, African Area Studies) conducted their research. This is a film about the creativity of the act of “watching a film” and is scheduled to be released around the end of 2020.
 The film is narrated by two people. There is a cameraman who tweets his own experiences while documenting the activities of researchers around the world, and then there is the viewer who contemplates while watching the images recorded by this cameraman. Through the intersection of the words of the two who are trying to read their own visual experiences creatively, the eyes for looking at various human activities at the level of visual representation will be formed.
* Currently, only the Japanese version is available.

Japan, Burkina Faso, Tanzania, Kenya, Vietnam | Approx. 85 minutes | HD | 2020(planned to be)

Cast : Ueru Tanaka, Takao Shimizu
Directed, photographed, edited and produced by :
Kenichi Sawazaki
Planning and Production : Living Montage
Grant:The Toyota Foundation、Japan Arts Foundation

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